Les énoncés suivants méritent une seule réponse.

1. Mike an engineer.
2. His children very tall.
3. He three children.
4. They dark eyes.
5. Mike in Paris.
6. He usually to work by car.
7. He isn't in his office today.
8. He's staying at home and a newspaper.
9. At the week-ends, his children usually television.
10. Today they are to music on the radio.
11. Mike very happy last week.
12. Last week they all at home together.
13. They football in the garden yesterday afternoon.
14. They to the cinema yesterday evening.
15. They their nighbours at the cinema just as they were about to buy their tickets.
16. They were to their neighbours when the film started.
17. Mike is to be very tired if he doesn't take a holiday soon.
18. He is for his holiday on the 5th of August.
19. Tomorrow he be at work.
20. I will make him a coffee as soon as he .
21. He will still hard at 5.00 tomorrow.
22. Mike married since 1990.
23. He has been living in Paris 5 years.
24. He still hasn't reading the book I lent him.
25. He's the book for one month now.
26. He's only half of it so far.
27. Mike in Paris for 3 years when I arrived.
28. If I have time tomorrow, I him.
29. If I went to his office, I'm sure he very surprised.
30. If he had come to my office this morning, I very surprised.
31. You're so lucky. I wish I you.
32. All the letters for him by his secretary.
33. He has just had his computer . He shouldn't have any more problems with it.
34. He said he would leave work on time so he really be home by now.
35. He be mad if he thinks i'll wait for him.
36. I always phone him, couldn't I?
37. The he finishes the report, the better.
38. He'll never finish it on time. He is the person I know.
39. He can't talk to you right now. He is up at the moment.
40. If you don't know the word, you can look it in a dictionary.
41. I'm not sure whether to take it or not. It depends the price.
42. The order will have to be confirmed writing.
43. He to smoke but he's given up.
44. He really should stop so many cigarettes.
45. No sooner he arrived than the telephone rang.
46. Don't ask him. You'd off doing it by yourself.
47. He should better than to try and deceive his boss.
48. He is not used to his authority questioned.
49. Not until he came into the room he know what was in store for him.
50. The boss demanded that the report on his desk the following morning.